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Wholesale Cannabis Supply

The Ideal Partner For Success in Cannabis Cultivation

We are a GACP certified lp in Canada, and have received both the Health Canada cultivation licence on October 12, 2018 and standard processing licence on April 16, 2020. Partnerships with EUGMP and CUCMS certified distributors allow us to ship domestically and internationally.

Production Capacity

With annual outputs of 30,000+ KG of cannabis, our wholesale customers can be certain that their volume and quality demands will be met on time and in full. Upon completion of our new 13-acre hybrid greenhouse facility, our annual production capacity will effectively double.

Our signature product is our high-quality dried flower. Although, we also provide specialty fresh frozen, pre-roll material, and trim.

In addition, with more than 65 vaulted genetics, Medisun is the ideal partner for upscaling your output through contract growing – Choose your genetic, select your volume, and watch our team grow!


We can ship domestically across Canada and internationally where government regulations allow.

Facility Size

Our hybrid greenhouse facility boasts an incredible 13 acres (566,000 ft2) of grow area, allowing us to grow consistently high quality, medical-grade cannabis year-round. Construction on our next facility is currently under way which will increase our grow area from 13 acres to 26 acres (1.13M ft2).

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