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Join us on our mission to bring sustainable cannabis products to the world

Cannabis Supply

Our fully licensed 13-acre greenhouse produces 5-6 crop cycles per year. Our expertise in greenhouse cultivation and dedication to our craft ensure that we produce the best medical-grade cannabis products. With weekly large-volume harvests and a history built on high-quality and high-yielding products, we’re the ideal partner for success in cannabis cultivation.

Medisun’s Organizational Pillars

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We keep each other safe and value an accident-free workplace. We keep our skills current and hold each other accountable to all safety standards.

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We collaborate with each other to achieve common goals and help each other when needed. We help develop each other by sharing our expertise.

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We value each other’s abilities and contributions and actively listen to other peoples’ point of view. We believe diversity brings strength to what we do.

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We are accurate, thorough and competent in our work, and we’re always looking to improve and streamline how we do things.

Environmental & Social Advocacy

Sustainability isn’t just for us – it’s for the future. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to give back and contribute to environmental and social sustainability programs. Do you work for an organization with the same conviction?