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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just for us — it’s for the future.

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Environmental Sustainability

At Medisun, sustainability isn’t just about the preservation of our environment. It’s an entire behaviour that’s always focused on doing the right thing. We’re acting now to make a lasting difference in the world.

Hybrid Greenhouse Facilities

All of our cannabis products are grown in state-of-the-art greenhouse facilities, minimizing our land footprint, while allowing nature to contribute to the health of our growth. We supplement natural light with spread spectrum LED lighting and black-out shades, allowing for optimal growing conditions for our crops.

Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Irrigation water is fed to plants, monitored, cleaned, and reenergized. It’s then recycled to the plants, reducing our water consumption footprint. Water heat transfer is an energy-efficient and cost-effective way of heating our hybrid facilities.

LED and Water-Cooled Lighting

We’ve invested in spread spectrum light sources to fuel the growth of our plants. These high-efficiency LED lights are also water cooled, increasing efficiency even further. This reduces our need for greenhouse cooling and allows us to recycle the excess heat as a part of the facility’s heating and cooling system.

Recyclable Packaging

Using recyclable materials to package our products is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure we aren’t leaving a mark for future generations.

Carbon Footprint

As part of an effort to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint, we have integrated the waste carbon dioxide from our heating system to the greenhouse to feed our cannabis plants. This means that every plant helps us generate a negative carbon footprint.

Environmental Advocacy

Our partnerships with local groups like Grand River Authority Conservation on specific environmental priorities ensure the land is protected and honoured.

Recyclable Grow Media and Plant Waste

Diversion of grow media in landfills is essential to Medisun. The end of life plant matter will be converted into compost and will never see a landfill.

Connect to Industry

Our team pioneered the first-ever greenhouse connected to the industry, resulting in -22000 tonnes of carbon footprint. In this age where carbon tax and sustainability are fiscal corporate responsibilities, this expertise uniquely suits Medisun to Connect to Industry.


Producing sustainable cannabis to improve people’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is what we strive for at Medisun. Our commitment to sustainability also extends to our people and building a team that wants to grow together for a long time. We recognize the strength of every single team member and encourage consistent professional development. At Medisun, we value diversity and hope to lead by example in the cannabis cultivation industry.




The rapidly expanding cannabis industry is bringing new opportunity to southwestern Ontario and we want to be a key part of this. We ensure we’re giving back and contributing to the community. Our dedication to economic sustainability comes from a desire to transform industry standards and teach others.




Our team’s expertise allows us to develop world-class cannabis growing systems that are sustainable and scalable. We want to do all we can to share our knowledge to help like-minded companies use the same innovative, sustainable technologies. Our goal is to work with our wider community to train other cultivators on how to implement similar practices to become carbon neutral.

We’re always innovating

Our desire to improve means we’re always open to new ideas for our business to be more sustainable. Connect with us if you have any thoughts or comments on how we could improve.

General Inquiries

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