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Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability isn't just for us - It's for the future.

What it means to us

At Medisun, sustainability isn’t just about the preservation of our environment. It’s an entire behaviour that’s always focused on doing the right thing. We’re acting now to make a lasting difference in the world.

With a belief that being carbon negative and industry connected isn’t just ideal, it’s a requirement, it is our goal to have zero waste within the next 5 years.

Our plants are grown in greenhouses, minimizing our land footprint while allowing nature to contribute to our growth

If you’d like to partner with us on our mission to build a more sustainable world, please contact us.

We use energy efficient full-spectrum LED lighting with water-cooling technology to fuel the growth of our plants.

With a dedication to economic sustainability, we always work to ensure we’re giving back and contributing to the community.

All “end of life” plant matter will be converted into compost and will never see a landfill.

Our team’s expertise allows us to develop world-class cannabis growing systems that are sustainable and scalable.