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About Us

Through our dedication to sustainability, innovation and quality, we're elevating growing standards each and every day.
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Why do we do what we do? It’s simple. Our mission is to enhance the health and happiness of our customers by growing quality wholesale cannabis in a natural and safe way.

We believe that there’s always room to grow and that our efforts should contribute to better business, a better planet, and better lives for everyone. it’s our mission to use quality cannabis to help bridge the gap.

State Of The Art Operations

Proudly located in Southwestern Ontario, an area known for its rich agricultural heritage, our GACP certified greenhouse facility boasts an incredible 13 acres of grow area, allowing us to grow consistently high quality, medical-grade cannabis year-round.

With 5-6 crop cycles per year and weekly large volume harvests, our customers can be certain that their volume and quality demands will be met on time and in full.

We ship across Canada and internationally.

Construction on a new hybrid greenhouse facility is currently under way which will increase our grow area from 13 acres to 26 acres (1.13 million ft²), effectively doubling our annual output capacity.