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About Medisun

Through our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and quality, we're elevating growing standards each and every day.

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Based in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, an area rich in agricultural heritage, Medisun is raising the bar for cannabis cultivation. With 13 acres of grow space, a proven track record of growing success and  our team’s expertise, we will create environmentally conscious, scalable cultivation systems that consistently produce large quantities of the best quality cannabis in the industry. Through transparent relationships with our customers and partners, we want to change the way processors and cultivators view the cannabis market. We do this by continually educating and providing the tools necessary to grow the best crops consistently, sustainably, and cost-effectively. It’s this dedication to education quality, sustainability, and innovation that drives us to make every day better than the day before.

How We're Growing

We’re excited about the future of the cannabis industry, and we are going to be a big part of it. Through our never-ending commitment to education, quality, innovation, and sustainability we are producing medical-grade cannabis that consumers and processors can trust. We believe all of our efforts should contribute to better business, a better planet, and better lives for everyone.

Our Capabilities

Supply Arrangements

Our fully licensed 13-acre greenhouse is capable of conservatively producing 340,000 kg of cannabis per year. Our expertise in greenhouse cultivation and dedication to our craft ensure that we produce the best medical-grade cannabis products. With several successful harvests and a history built on high-quality and high-yielding products, we’re the ideal partner for success in cannabis cultivation.


Oils and resins are predicted to be the fastest growing and profitable cannabis product set on the market. Processors pose an interesting challenge. Without cultivation facilities and expertise, they need to have solid relationships with cultivators and be able to forecast supply to keep their equipment running.

Licensed Producers

With the legalization of cannabis and the introduction of the adult recreational market, demand is high and product supply is short. Consumers have welcomed legalization with open arms and as a result, the demand for cannabis has accelerated. Our facility is ideally suited to help licensed producers supplement their cultivation facilities, meet demand, and fulfil contracts. Contact us today to talk about supply.

Ancillary Product Manufacturers

As more cannabis products are available online, product manufacturers are increasingly interested in securing both supply and critical ingredients in their products. It’s in our DNA to connect with the industry to enable sustainable ingredient supply. Pharmaceutical, recreational, and nutraceutical companies can trust us to produce medical grade cannabis — every time.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your supply and sustainably sourced ingredients.


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6640 Rivard Line, Chatham-Kent, Ontario N0P 1S0, CA

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